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3G talk time (hours)

The size of your phone's processor affects how fast you can do things on it. For example, you'll be able to have more apps running at the same time on a phone with a 900MHz processor than with 500MHz.

2G standby time (hours)
Dimensions (mm)
Screen type

Mobile phones are built with different screen technologies. Generally, the higher the pixels per inch (ppi) number, the clearer the screen will be.

Operating system

The operating system you use (like iOS, Android™ and Windows Phone) will depend on your phone.

UMTS bands
Screen size (inches)

Screen sizes are measured diagonally. The bigger the screen, the better the viewing will be when you're browsing the web or watching videos.

SIM type
Weight (g)
Flash memory
GPRS bands
2G talk time (hours)
Memory card type

With some phones, you need a memory card to use certain apps. We sell a wide range of them, from 2 GB to 16 GB.

3G standby time (hours)
Dimensions (mm)
Internal memory

The size of your phone's internal memory will determine how many pictures, videos and music tracks you can store on your phone. Some phones also come with a memory card slot so you can increase the memory.

Data Support and Connectivity

2G network

You can make calls, send texts and browse the internet on a 2G network. If you're looking for faster web browsing, you might want to look at 3G-enabled phones.

3G network

A 3G network allows high-speed web access and advanced browsing.

Network region

This is where in the world your phone can be used. Some phones can be used worldwide, while others are restricted to the UK or Europe.


Bluetooth lets you transfer photos and music (and lots more) wirelessly from one phone to another. It also means you can connect your phone to a wireless bluetooth headset or car kit.

Wi-Fi connection

If your phone's Wi-Fi enabled, you can connect wirelessly to the internet when you're in a Wi-Fi hotspot (including airports, restaurants and train stations).

Wireless tethering

Wireless tethering means you can connect a computer or other internet-enabled device to the web through your phone's 3G internet connection.


GPS allows you to pin-point your location using satellites. So you can use SatNav applications on your phone, or even find somewhere to eat when you're out and about.


Some phones come with a SatNav application pre-installed. If yours doesn't, you can download and use one from your app store - as long as your phone's GPS-enabled.

Camera / Video

Image resolution (megapixels)

Generally, the more megapixels your phone's camera has, the sharper the image will be.

Camera zoom
Front-facing camera

Front-facing cameras are great for video calling (if your phone has the functionality), or seeing what you and your friends look like before you take a picture.

Camera flash

If your phone's got an LED flash, you'll be able to take better photos in dark conditions. And with a dual-LED flash you'll get an even clearer image.

Camera auto-focus

With auto-focus, you can click or tap to take a photo and your phone's camera will automatically focus on the subject.

Camera self-timer
Direct camera button

Take photos quickly on the go - just press the dedicated button like you would on a normal camera.

Video recording

The quality of the videos you record on your phone depends on the resolution and frames per second. VGA is lower than 720p (HD) and 1080p (full HD).


FM radio
Music player

Listen to your favourite tracks on the go. You could even download tracks or transfer them from your PC or Mac.

App store

The operating system of your phone will come with its own application store - where you can download apps and games to your phone (some of them for free).


Apple Mac
Microsoft Outlook
USB mass storage

Transfer music and pictures from your PC or Mac straight to your phone.

Calling and messaging

Picture/video messaging
Instant messaging

Instant messaging (or IM) is like real-time texting. Some phones come with pre-installed instant messaging applications like MSN and Facebook Chat.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger (or BBM) is an instant messaging service for BlackBerry users. It lets you send real-time messages, share pictures and even show your friends what you're listening to.

Built-in speaker
Call divert/transfer
Call waiting/hold
Conference calling
Speed dialling
Vibrating alert
Video calling

Make video calls through your phone's front-facing camera.

Voice-activated dialling

Make a phone call without having to search through your phonebook. Voice-activated dialling means you can simply say the name of the person you want to call and the phone will dial their number automatically (you'll need to set this up first).

Internet and email

Built-in email

There are different types of email you can get on your phone. You can keep up-to-date with accounts like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! - and with push email, you'll get your messages straight away.

Supports Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Player lets you view videos and animations on web pages as they were meant to be.

Web browser
Vodafone Content Control

Content Control stops customers under the age of 18 from accessing inappropriate content. This can be removed.


Alarm clock

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