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BlackBerry Q10


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Working on a project?

Create a scrapbook to collect relevant photos, lists, messages, emails and web links, all in one place with BlackBerry® Remember. Sync it with Microsoft® Outlook® and work offline, as you'll never know when you'll get that flash of inspiration.

Got something to share?

It's easy to switch from text to video when you're out and about - just tap the screen to catch up face-to-face with BBM™ Video. With Screen Share on BBM you can take things further by sharing whatever's on your phone - your holiday snaps, a funny video clip, games, or even your meeting notes.

A keyboard with real buttons.

Type effortlessly with the classic BlackBerry® Keyboard. Re-engineered with clever predictive text that reduces the amount of mistakes you make - so you won't be sending embarrassing messages to your mum or your boss. Reply to emails, instant chat with BBM™ or work on an important document on the go, faster and more accurately. The elegant QWERTY keyboard together with a touchscreen means you'll be able to get to the things you need with ease. You'll never miss the latest gossip or an invite to that all important meeting.

Stay social without getting distracted.

It's a pain when you're glued to your phone, catching up on your favourite TV shows and you get a Facebook notification. With BlackBerry® Hub you can see everything at a glance - and won't have to drop everything. Swipe in and out of your social network updates without closing the apps you have open. Choose to reply - or let the screen snap back if it can wait. It's like having your own social secretary with all your wall posts, friend requests, emails and Twitter mentions kept in one place.

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