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BlackBerry Q5


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Want all those great BlackBerry 10 features in a fun smartphone? The BlackBerry Q5 makes it easy to explore, create and share on the go.

QWERTY keypad plus touchscreen

Want a fun smartphone with all the power of BlackBerry 10? The stylish BlackBerry Q5 is every inch a BlackBerry. As well as the gorgeous 3.1-inch touchscreen, it has the upgraded BlackBerry QWERTY keypad for quick and accurate typing. You can even type Instant Action shortcuts to speed up common tasks like sending an email or updating your Facebook status.

Take amazing photos and create movies

When you take a photo using Time Shift mode, the camera captures the scene milliseconds before and after your photo. You can then choose the best moments in different parts of the photo, so you can catch one person before they blinked and another still smiling - and it blends them all together like magic to create your perfect shot. Plus, with BlackBerry Story Maker, you can combine your photos, videos and music into a movie and then share it.

BBM Video with Screen Share

As well as chatting with friends using BlackBerry Messenger™ (BBM), you can instantly switch a BBM chat to a BBM Video conversation (as long as your friends are also using a BlackBerry model that can handle it). You can talk face-to-face, share whatever's on your screen or show them the view through your camera.

Stay in touch with BlackBerry Hub

You don't have to stop whatever you're doing to catch up with messages, tweets, friend requests and conversations - just swipe to open the BlackBerry Hub for instant access to your email, BBM, Twitter, Facebook and many more social network options. When you're done, swipe again to go straight back to the app or screen you were using before.

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