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BlackBerry Z30


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Bring conversations to life, text and email quickly, and take great shots with the BlackBerry Z30. Improved audio technology, easy access to your messages and a 5 inch touchscreen display make this a truly stunning smartphone.

Get more from conversations with Natural Sound

Tone can be everything. Get more from conversations on BBM™ and on the phone when you have a 4G connection. Whether you're arranging a meeting with work or organising a night out with your mates you'll hear and be heard better with the BlackBerry Z30's Natural Sound technology. You'll pick up on subtle changes in tone and nuance, making you feel closer to the person you're talking to.

All your messages in one place

Organise a night out, see what your mates are up to and keep in touch with work all in the same place. Check your emails, voicemail, read texts and get messages through Facebook and Twitter - all with the same app. The BlackBerry hub means you no longer have to open your individual web browsers, email and social network accounts. It's all available with one simple swipe.

Get the perfect shot every time

With the BlackBerry Timeshift, the camera that begins capturing your shot before you even take it, you're guaranteed the optimum photo. We all know what it's like to just miss out on that perfect shot - especially when it's something spontaneous or unexpected. But with the Z30, you'll have a much better chance of capturing that action shot, festival stage dive or sudden thunderstorm. You can then select the image you want and edit it to make sure you have the best shot available.

Classic BlackBerry features

Texting on the go is quicker and stops those embarrassing autocorrect messages. Enjoy a touchscreen keyboard that learns to type the way you do and makes next-word suggestions which you can instantly add to your message. Respond quicker and easier leaving you with more time to get on with the stuff that matters. And the long-life battery powering the Z30 is as hard-working as you are, meaning you can do more for longer.

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