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Sony Xperia Z2


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Get the complete entertainment experience with 4K ultra HD video recording and movies, music and games to enjoy on a pin-sharp 5.2-inch screen.

4K ultra HD video recording

Get better than HD video recording on your phone. Capture those special moments, like an exotic once-in-a-lifetime trip or event in glorious 4K ultra HD - so you can relive and treasure every detail. And with slow motion video effects, you can direct your own blockbuster to share with friends or family on the large 5.2-inch display.

And with 20.7 megapixel camera, you won't lose any detail in your photographs either. So you'll have Sony quality photography in your pocket.

Get movies, music and games

Get critically acclaimed movie Captain Phillips, plus five other films with the Xperia Z2. Plus, 30 days unlimited music and PlayStation Mobile games. So, you'll always have something to watch, listen to or play when you're on a long journey or just need to kill some time.

Don't worry about missing a vital line in your favourite soap because of traffic noise, the Xperia Z2 comes with digital noise cancelling headphones.

Waterproof and dust resistant

A phone that's as tough as you are. Take it mountain biking, to the beach or simply have it with you while you're doing DIY. It's dust resistant and waterproof, so no need to worry about accidentally dropping it in a puddle or on the pavement*.

*Covers must be shut. Only in fresh water in compliance with IP 55 and IP58 For more information go to

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