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SIM only - 600 mins, unlimited texts

Key features

  • Great value - more minutes and texts for your money
  • Easy - keep your number and phone
  • Pay less for longer - same low cost for 12 months
  • Talk
  • 365 days
  • 600 minutes
  • Unltd texts


About this offer

Get loads more talk time. And loads more texts. All for a lot less than you'd usually pay on a 12 month price plan. It's a cracking deal - and the cost stays low for the full 12 months of your contract.

Just pop our SIM into your existing phone - and enjoy outstanding service from the word go. Our UK call centre helps with everything from tariffs to texting. There's free delivery when you buy online, and our 14-day returns policy guarantees you peace of mind. You can even keep your existing number.

Our fair usage policy applies to unlimited texts.

Prices shown include VAT at 17.5%. Don't worry - we'll reduce the VAT on your monthly bill to 15%, for as long as this rate remains.

Special offer

Grab a great offer

Our 12 month SIM only deal gives you a whopping 600 minutes and unlimited texts for just 20 a month.


    Getting started with your new SIM

    When your new SIM arrives, pop it into your existing phone - it's that simple. Make your first call, then start enjoying all the benefits of our dependable network - like great UK coverage, plus UK-based call centres. Two types of SIM - pay monthly and pay as you go

    SIM description

    Our Pay monthly SIM Only plans gives you the freedom of a Pay as you talk plan. And it also comes packed with more minutes and texts for your money than a contract phone. Then there is the convenience of keeping your existing phone and number. Plus if you take out the 30 day plan you can cancel with just 30 days notice. Our Pay as you talk SIM only plan gives you great value extras like Text Unlimited and Free Weekends. Just pop the SIM into your existing phone. You can also call any UK mobile or standard landline for just 20p a minute - any time. Texts are just 10p each.

    Unlocking your phone

    To see if your phone is locked, just pop the SIM in. Your phone is locked if the screen displays blocked, barred or SP lock. If it is locked, your SIM would not work straight away. To unlock your phone, call your current network provider or pop into a store. (Your current network may charge for this.)

    Keep your number

    The great thing about our pay monthly SIM Only plan is that you can keep your existing number. This means you do not need to update your friends and you would not miss any important calls when you switch. Keeping your existing number is simple: Ask your current network for a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) Enter your existing number and PAC when you order your new SIM from Vodafone We will email you with the date your existing number will be activated by Vodafone Your PAC is valid for 30 days.

    Transfer your contacts

    Transfer your contacts

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Benefits to buying online

  • Free delivery
  • 14-day return policy
  • Dependable network
  • Buy online, deliver to store

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