Vodafone Sure Signal

Vodafone Sure Signal

Key features

  • Creates a strong 3G signal in your home or home office
  • Works with all 3G-capable phones on our network
  • Up to eight phones can call at the same time
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About this

Vodafone Sure Signal creates a 3G signal - ideal if you live in the countryside or a basement flat where it's difficult to get good reception.

Fits in easily

As it fits straight into a plug socket, Sure Signal doesn't take up much space in your home or small office. You can easily hide it away - and as it has an extra plug, you won't lose a socket either.

Get up to eight people online at the same time

You can register up to 32 numbers on your Vodafone Sure Signal, and up to eight devices can connect at once. Perfect if you have a large family, and more than one of you wants to make a call.

Broadband internet

Because Sure Signal works through your broadband internet, it can create a 3G signal even in areas with no reception. Although it works with the majority of broadband providers and most routers, not all are compatible.


To use Sure Signal, you'll need a 3G-capable phone that's on our network and a standard domestic broadband connection.

If you want to have the maximum of eight calls at the same time, you'll need a download speed of 4.13Mbps. This is 'real world' speed, so if you're using the internet heavily at the same time it may affect the performance of your Sure Signal.

Please note that Sure Signal works with the vast majority of broadband providers and routers, but not all are compatible. Also, Sure Signal won't work on satellite broadband.

To find out more, take a look at our support pages

Available online or just pop in one of our stores.


  • Creates a strong 3G signal in your home or home office
  • Works with all 3G-capable phones on our network
  • Up to eight phones can call at the same time
  • It's small and neat
  • Vodafone Sure Signal

Compatible Phones

    Nokia: Lumia 635 Orange (4G),  Asha 302 White,  Asha 302 Grey,  Lumia 1520 black (4G),  Lumia 635 Black (4G),  Lumia 520 White,  Lumia 920 Black (4G-ready),  515 Silver,  Lumia 635 Green (4G),  Lumia 520 Black,  515 Black,  Lumia 920 Black (4G-ready) - Nearly New,  Lumia 800 cyan,  Lumia 925 16GB White (4G),  Lumia 820 Black (4G-ready),  Lumia 930 Orange (4G),  Lumia 1020 Yellow (4G),  Lumia 930 Black (4G),  Lumia 520 Red,  Lumia 620 Blue,  Lumia 920 Yellow (4G-ready),  Lumia 925 32GB Black (4G),  Lumia 620 White,  Lumia 925 32GB Black (4G) - Nearly New,  Lumia 1020 Black (4G),  Lumia 520 Yellow,  Lumia 610 white,  Lumia 820 Red (4G-ready),  Lumia 710,  Asha 300,  Lumia 930 Green (4G) .

    Apple: iPhone 5s 64GB Silver,  iPhone 5c 32GB Yellow,  iPhone 5c 16GB White,  iPhone 5 16GB White,  iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Space Grey,  iPhone 4 16GB black - Nearly New,  iPhone 5 32GB Black,  iPhone 5 16GB Black,  iPhone 5 64GB White,  iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Space Grey,  iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Silver,  iPhone 5c 32GB White,  iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Gold,  iPhone 6 64GB Space Grey,  iPhone 5s 32GB Gold,  iPhone 6 16GB Gold,  iPhone 5c 32GB Green,  iPhone 6 64GB Silver,  iPhone 5c 32GB Pink,  iPhone 5c 16GB Green,  iPhone 5s 32GB Silver,  iPhone 6 64GB Gold,  iPhone 5s 16GB Silver,  iPhone 5c 16GB Pink,  iPhone 4s 8GB Black,  iPhone 5c 32GB Blue,  iPhone 4s 8GB White - Nearly New,  iPhone 5s 64GB Space Grey,  iPhone 4s 8GB Black - Nearly New,  iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Space Grey,  iPhone 5s 16GB Gold,  iPhone 4s 8GB White,  iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Gold,  iPhone 5c 16GB Blue,  iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Silver,  iPhone 5 32GB White,  iPhone 6 128GB Space Grey,  iPhone 6 128GB Silver,  iPhone 6 128GB Gold,  iPhone 6 16GB Silver,  iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Gold,  iPhone 5s 32GB Space Grey,  iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Silver,  iPhone 5s 64GB Gold,  iPhone 5s 16GB Space Grey,  iPhone 5 64GB Black,  iPhone 6 16GB Space Grey,  iPhone 5c 16GB Yellow .

    Sony: Xperia E1 White,  Xperia J,  Xperia Z1 White (4G),  Xperia E1 Purple,  Xperia M2 White (4G),  Xperia SP White (4G),  Xperia L White,  Xperia Z2 White (4G),  Xperia L Red,  Xperia Z1 Black (4G),  Xperia Z Ultra White (4G),  Xperia L Black,  Xperia T,  Xperia Z2 Black (4G),  Xperia M2 Black (4G),  Xperia Z Ultra Black (4G) ,  Xperia SP Black (4G),  Xperia miro .

    Huawei: Ascend Mate Black,  Ascend P1,  Ascend G 510 .

    Vodafone: Smart II white,  Smart Mini Pink,  Smart II Glam Collection,  Smart 4 power Black (4G),  Smart III Black,  Smart III White,  Smart 4 power White (4G),  Smart II grey,  Smart Mini Black,  Smart Mini White,  Smart 4 mini white,  Smart 4 mini black,  Smart II TATE edition .

    Motorola: moto E Black,  moto G Black .

    HTC: One V,  Desire 310 Blue,  One Mini Silver (4G),  One X (white),  One S,  One Black (4G) - Nearly New,  One mini 2 Silver (4G),  One Gold (4G),  One mini 2 Grey (4G),  One Mini Black (4G),  Desire 310 Orange,  One S - Nearly New,  Desire 310 White,  One M8 Gold (4G),  One V Black - Nearly New,  One SV White (4G-ready),  Desire 610 Navy (4G),  Explorer,  One X (grey),  One M8 Silver (4G) - Nearly New,  Desire X,  One M8 Silver (4G),  Desire C Black - Nearly New,  One M8 Grey (4G) - Nearly New,  One Silver (4G) - Nearly New,  Desire C Black,  One M8 Grey (4G),  One X+,  Desire C White .

    Samsung: Galaxy S5 White (4G),  GALAXY Note black,  GALAXY S4 Mini Black (4G) - Nearly New,  GALAXY SIII 16GB blue,  Galaxy S4 Mini White (4G),  Galaxy Xcover 2,  GALAXY SIII 16GB white,  Galaxy S5 mini Black (4G),  Galaxy S4 White (4G),  GALAXY SIII 32GB white,  Galaxy S5 Blue (4G),  Galaxy Mini,  GALAXY Note II 4G white,  Galaxy Note 3 White (4G),  Galaxy S3 Mini Blue,  GALAXY S4 Zoom White (4G-ready),  GALAXY Note white,  Galaxy Alpha White (4G),  GALAXY SII White - Nearly New,  GALAXY Ace Plus,  GALAXY Note II grey,  Galaxy Express 2 white (4G-ready),  GALAXY SIII 4G 16GB blue,  Galaxy S4 White (4G) - Nearly New,  GALAXY S2,  Galaxy Note 3 Black (4G),  Galaxy Fame White,  GALAXY S4 Mini White (4G) - Nearly New,  GALAXY Y,  GALAXY SIII 16GB black,  Galaxy S5 Black (4G),  Galaxy S5 mini Blue (4G),  GALAXY Note - Nearly New,  Galaxy Fame Blue,  Galaxy S5 Gold (4G),  GALAXY SII Black - Nearly New,  GALAXY SIII 32GB blue,  Galaxy Alpha Black (4G),  Galaxy S5 Black (4G) - Nearly New,  Galaxy Express 2 blue (4G),  Galaxy Express 2 white (4G),  GALAXY Note II 4G silver,  Galaxy Express 2 blue (4G-ready),  Galaxy S5 Gold (4G) - Nearly New,  Galaxy Alpha Silver (4G),  Galaxy S4 Mini Black (4G),  GALAXY SIII 4G 16GB white,  GALAXY Note II white,  GALAXY Ace,  Galaxy S3 Mini White,  Galaxy S4 Black (4G),  GALAXY S2 WHITE,  Galaxy S4 Black (4G) - Nearly New,  GALAXY SIII 4G 16GB black .

    BlackBerry: Curve 9320 Black,  Z30 White (4G),  Bold 9790,  Curve 9360 Pink,  Z30 Black (4G),  Curve 9320 white,  Z10 Black (4G) - Nearly New,  Bold 9900 White,  Bold 9900,  Curve 9360,  Curve 9320 Classic Blue,  Curve 9320 Pink - Back order .

    LG: G2 Black (4G),  G3 Gold (4G),  G3 Black (4G) .

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