Vodafone 345 white - Pay as you go - Buy the Vodafone 345 white mobile phone

Vodafone, 345 White

Why get this

  • Great for texting - a QWERTY keypad makes typing easy
  • Enjoy the radio - tune in to your favourite FM stations
  • Terrific value - just 20 for a phone that does all the basics

Key features

  • QWERTY keypad
  • Games
  • FM radio

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About this

The Vodafone 345 - a phone that's simple to use

If you're looking for a phone that simply does the basics - makes calls and lets you send texts - choose the Vodafone 345.

Every letter on the spacious QWERTY keypad has its own key - so it's similar to those on the Nokia C3 and Samsung Genio qwerty This makes it easier and more comfortable to type messages quickly.

When you want a little music on the move - or just to catch up with the latest news and sport - turn on the Vodafone 345's built-in FM radio. You can listen to it on the handy headphones that come with your phone.

There's also a couple of games to keep your thumbs busy - some welcome entertainment while you're on the bus home or queuing in the post office.


  • QWERTY keypad
  • Games
  • FM radio
  • White
  • Under 30
  • Calendar
  • Qwerty keyboard
  • Stereo FM radio
  • Poly ring tones
  • Alarm clock


  • Specification

    Dimensions (mm) Yes

    100.5 x 58 x 12 mm

    Screensize (inches) Yes


    Weight (g) Yes


    Memory card slot

    Allows you to add more memory to your phone so you can store more music tracks or photos than you'd be able to do in the phone's internal memory.

    Touch screen No   Qwerty keyboard Yes  
  • Data Support and Connectivity


    3G, or third generation gives you access to multimedia services, such as fast internet access, video-on-demand and video calls.

    No   HSDPA

    HSDPA, or High Speed Downlink Packet Access, is an update for 3G. Depending on circumstances, it could allow you to download data up to five times faster than standard 3G phones. HSDPA is sometimes referred to as 3.5G.


    GPRS, or General Packet Radio Service, gives you a connection to the mobile internet. This allows you to download data to your mobile phone, including games and pictures.

    No   Wi-Fi supported

    Wi-Fi lets you to connect your phone to a wireless network - at home, or in a public Wi-Fi hotspot (like those available in many coffee shops). While you're using Wi-Fi, you're not using any of your UK data allowance.

    2G network Yes

    900/1800 MHz


    Bluetooth lets you connect your phone wirelessly to another Bluetooth device. This could be another phone - perhaps, to send a picture to someone - or a Bluetooth headset or hands-free kit, so you can use your phone while driving.


    Infrared allows you to connect your mobile phone with other infrared devices, without using a cable. The two devices need to be close - typically just a few centimetres apart.

  • Camera / Video

    Flash Yes   Direct camera key

    This button switches on your phone's camera with a single press - so you can start taking photos quickly.

    Flash No   Picture mode selection - Night mode/automatic etc

    This lets you choose different camera modes for things like shooting at night or taking photos of people or landscapes.

    Camera self timer

    This lets you take a photograph of yourself (or join a group photo) by delaying the time between pressing the button and when the actual picture is taken.

    No   Camera zoom No  
    Camera autofocus No   Camera anti-shake filter No  
    Video calling

    This phone has a camera built into its front so the person who's calling you can see you. You'll also be able to see them if they have a similar feature on their phone. There may be additional charges for video calling.

  • Entertainment

    Supports java games and applications No   MP3 player

    An MP3 player turns your phone into a portable music player. MP3 files take up less space than the original tracks, which means you can carry more music on your phone.

    Stereo FM radio Yes   Dedicated music keys No  
    Poly ring tones

    Polyphonic ringtones sound close to the original track.

    Yes   Real tones

    Real tones are as close as to the original track as you can get on a phone.

    Other ring alerts No   Mobile TV No  
  • Navigation

    Built in GPS navigation

    GPS means your phone can use satellites to find your location via apps like Google Maps. You'll need this if you want to use your phone like a sat nav.

    No   Vodafone Sat Nav compatible

    Sat nav software on this phone helps you find locations using turn-by-turn voice directions and a visual map. You can use it both for driving and walking.

  • Synchronisation

    Contacts No   Contacts & calendar with outlook

    This phone syncs with Microsoft Outlook on your computer - everything from your calendar entries and address book to emails.

    PC systems compatibility No   Mass storage No  
    Backup/restore my files items to/from PC No    
  • Other

    Calendar Yes   Alarm clock Yes  
    Stopwatch/Timer Yes   Calculator Yes  
    Calendar Yes    
  • Calling and messaging

    Speed dialling

    Call people you speak to most by holding down just one button on the phone's keypad. Most phones with this feature let you assign contacts to numbers 2-9.

    No   Conference calling

    Speak to more than one person at a time - and speak to everyone you've phoned at once. There may be additional call charges for using this feature.

    Call waiting/hold

    Tells you if someone's calling you while you're already on the phone to someone else. You can hold one caller and speak to the other without disconnecting either of them.

    No   Call divert/transfer

    Lets you divert or transfer your calls to another number.

    Vibrating alert No   Voice activated dialling

    Voice activated dialling allows you to call people from your phonebook by saying their name, instead of pressing keys.

    Voice activated commands No   Record sound clips or memos No  
    Built-in speaker

    Lets you enjoy your music on your phone without using headphones. It's also handy if several people need to hear whoever's calling. Not suitable for use when driving - you'll need a hands-free kit for that.

    No   SMS/MMS

    SMS, or Short Message Service, is another name for text messaging. MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, allows you to send and receive photographs on your phone.

    Picture and video

    You can attach pictures and video clips to text messages using this phone. There may be additional charges for this.

    No   Predictive text

    This helps you text quicker by suggesting words and completing words for you. It can normally be turned on and off.

  • Internet and email

    Vodafone mobile internet

    This lets you enjoy the internet on your phone. Most sites can be accessed using a phone that has this capability.

    No   Email No  
    Web browser No    

What's in the box?

  • Phone and battery
  • Charger
  • Wired Headset

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