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Alcatel 2010G


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Get a stylish smartphone without the fuss. Access the essentials like Facebook and over 500 other apps on a clam-shell phone. And with its vibrant screen, you can see, snap and share those special moments with ease.

Choose from over 500 apps

Make your phone personal to you with over 500 apps to choose from. Download games and tools onto your phone, so you can get the most out of it. Find out if you'll need an umbrella or sunglasses with a weather app or how many Euros you'll get for your Pounds when you're on holiday.

Comes with Facebook already installed

Love updating your status? You can do it quickly and easily with the app already installed onto your phone. You can share photos, comment on your mate's status and check-in at a party or theme park. And with the 2 megapixel camera, you can capture those laugh-out-loud moments and share it with all your Facebook friends in an instant.

Stylish clam-shell design

Be unique with retro chic. You won't be confusing your phone with all your mates' - its clam-shell design with chrome trimming set it apart from the others. When it rings, you won't all be reaching for your pockets to see if it's your phone. And with 2.4 inch screen, you can see your emails and photos in vibrant colour.

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